New Directions

The road I take to work everyday is horrid. Potholes & poor patch jobs make daily driving a bone rattling experience. One time a patch job was so bad that I literally had to call the city and tell them cars were having to choose between bottoming out (they had piled the asphalt in the pot hole and never pressed it down so now there was a nice solid hill on the road) or swerving around it over double yellow lines near the peak of a hill.

They fixed that one but overall this main road was ill kept. I love where I live but this made going anywhere a chore.

That was my job. I love my job. As the general manager of a hotel I meet so many interesting people and get to choose who I work with. The employees are a constantly educating experience and I try to do my best by them as long as they do their best by me. Customers love it here because of the people. However, I put in notice. Why?

Like the road described above, it was full of pot holes and poor patch jobs. No matter how well I drove that road my axles, wheel bearings and suspension needed constant care and maintenance and eventually replacement. Way to soon.

The owners did not maintain the hotel any better. No matter how well I tried to manage it, cut reasonable costs, get creative or raise the bar in customer service to keep people coming, their utter neglect of authorizing payment for repairs or replacements has caused the hotel to lose business and go in the red. For me, it was a constant maneuvering to be polite and still try to get down the road of doing my job with what they would give me.

After a few years, the hotel had plateaued. It was either fix it up or it would go down. I didn’t want to be there for that, the staff and I had worked to hard to see it fail. So I resigned and we started looking not only for new jobs, but somewhere else to live. I refused to work for the local competition. Loyalty for me is hard to kick.

Then it all changed. The owners sold the hotel and the new ones came in and said… if it was yours what would you do? They want to fix it, change it, raise the bar… and they asked if I would like to stay and help them do that.

The road I drive every day to work? The city just tore it out and are replacing it mile by mile. So I now have to drive a pitted gravel road but it is being paved over beautifully.

Suddenly staying seems like the best thing to do, because even though I will be driving the same road and managing the same hotel, they are about to be completely different experiences.

I can’t wait to see what directions they take me in.

Maybe I should ask the new owners if they bought that road, too?

About Mathair ~ Inion ~ Sior

Mother, daughter, wife, horse rider, dog hugger, cat whipped, career minded, reading, game playing new blog writer.
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