Don’t mess up a compliment!

As a manager, let me tell you, I love sharing positive reviews and comments with my employees. However, as a little tip for those out there who may one day read this:

Do NOT… when told a customer e-mailed how great you were doing _(insert action here)_, and that you made their day by doing _(insert awesome above and beyond duty here)_, tell your manager that,”That must be from Mr. & Mrs. Studebaker! They were so nice!”

Why you ask? Unless it was a very unique circumstance, if the compliment is for doing something that is part of your job, by actually knowing which customer sent in that e-mail you are telling me one of these three things:

1. You don’t normally do your job, so the one time you did it you remember who you helped. This implies that this is not a normal effort for you. If this situation comes up… the correct response is,” I wish I remembered who it was, I did _________ for so many people last week I can’t place them!”

2. You didn’t actually do it and you had a friend contact corp or e-mail me. WORSE, you had a friend post a positive review for us. Why is that worse? It makes us untrustworthy and you untrustworthy to our potential customers.

3. You asked the customer to do it. This isn’t the worst of the three, but you don’t want us to KNOW YOU ASKED them or for us to think it! Let us believe the customer did it all themselves.

Just a friendly tip. I would rather think my employees help so many people that they don’t automatically know if they got a compliment it is “this” person. Us managers want to believe you are out there wowing every customer. So if you aren’t, help us keep the illusion, eh?

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Mother, daughter, wife, horse rider, dog hugger, cat whipped, career minded, reading, game playing new blog writer.
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