Get er done.

It is silly but… it took me 30 years to realize making a bed can be symbolic. Making my bed always seemed like a waste. To me mornings were for jumping up, dashing to the bathroom, scrubbing things that needed it, dressing, eating and heading to school/work/ride/play.

The next time I viewed my bed was as I prepared to jump in it and sleep again. So what was the point?

Two months ago someone told me they made their bed because it started the day with a sense of accomplishment. Okay okay… a small one, but still, she had completed a task.

A few days later I saw my husband making the bed and he shrugged and said, he just felt like doing it. Well, I couldn’t let him show me up! No, Sir!

The next morning when he came in the room it was already done and I winked at him. That day I seemed to get more done than usual. Not that I don’t take pride in my work on a normal basis, but it was a good day.

Soon I realized that on days I made the bed… I liked the feeling of having completed a task already. It was a good feeling and once at work I wanted to repeat it. While the big stuff always gets done the little things that seemed to trifling to do right that moment became another way to say… I got that much more done. Such a minor thing and yet… by NOT finishing something else I would lose it. So I seemed more determined to not let something slide to the back burner.

She was right. Talk about a light bulb for me. Such a silly thing to me and yet… it has started to be the kick start to my day. Now I worry if I don’t bother to do the simple task of making my bed, what else will I wiggle out of??? So the bed gets made, I feel like I accomplished something and to hold on to that I make sure I get even more tasks done.

While I shall say, once again, I am NOT stating I didn’t get anything done before. It has become just that little oomphf to my day that often gets juuuussst onnnne more thing done at work. To keep it going.

Being honest here!

So kiddos… make your bed. Mama was right.

About Mathair ~ Inion ~ Sior

Mother, daughter, wife, horse rider, dog hugger, cat whipped, career minded, reading, game playing new blog writer.
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