Back in the Saddles

Today’s horse activities went great. Now that King is Vet confirmed sound and raring to go, we hit the round pen. Perhaps not the most thrilling event but a good way to test how he is feeling, moving and all that. Other than needing to work on bending again… he was in good spirits and fun to work with. Didn’t stay on to long, it has been a few months since I rode and did not want to jump on and work him down from the get go.

We did some relaxing exercises to see if any needed some reworking but he was on his game. Sidepassing was great, gate was great, whoa from a trot could use a few steps less but he is doing it without rein pressure and I’m happy with that.

Afterwards he helped me clean up some trash that had blown into our pasture. Pool noodles and trash bags oh my!

Trash Day

  Ending on a good note and hitching King up with the others I headed in for some water and to watch them stand tied for a while. Now that we have a trailer and can  hit the wild blue yonder (well… the well maintained blue yonder that is) we figured we needed them to get used to just standing there for a while. As all three fell asleep in the breezy sunlight I’m not to worried on this part quite yet.

My husband isn’t the trainer type guy so he asked me to work on some of Flash’s stuff once I was done riding King, so once they were done napping I headed back out and lunged Flash for a few minutes in the round pen where he was happy to get some energy out. Once mounted we simply worked on backing (rusty), stopping (perfect) and maintaining momentum (lazy).

He was a perfect team-mate today and the main thing Tom asked me to work on we made progress with: Side passing. Flash has never really understood the point of this and his rider (cough) never really pushed it. But watching King and I handle gates and manuever in tougher spots I think has shown him it is a valuable tool for his partner’s repertoire.

Not wanting to push Flash too much we only worked on it for a little while and I stopped once he was doing a diagonal walk. Progress is progress!

Basically it was wonderful to be riding again and honestly, I wish I had done more with Flash’s training while King was on medical leave. Two months would have done a heck of a lot and I think Tom would have felt better about our upcoming trail ride in public.

Bad me. I have some work to do!

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