The Rain has Come

Finally. After wildfires and barren pastures the earth in Oklahoma (and most of the midwest) is moist again.

My husband and I went riding today in between downpours. We love this weather. The cool breezes, gentle rain and brisk air. Did a few turns around the acreage and turned in when the thunder started back up.

However, I did drop my phone and didn’t realize it until we were back in the house. He made a run for it and saved my precious Cobalt. (I named my phone, it is to smart to be nameless)

The horse were frisky but well behaved and the dogs enjoyed tackling each other in the thirsty grass.

The kids had a marvelous morning finding eggs hidden around the house. Normally we do this outside but with the rain our options were limited. The baby is finally old enough to enjoy the hunt and once all the eggs had been collected her sister distracted her long enough for us to hide them again so she could keep having fun.

Now to keep them from becoming overnight chocoholics…

A beautiful day in so many ways.

Next weekend we are going camping for two days with the horses and after that his family is coming to visit.

The trailer is almost up to par for where we want it. Long term goals are hi-ties as well as some other nifty gadgets. For now though she is almost ready and looking great.

I sanded down and repainted all her minor rust spots, husband redid some of the wiring and we stocked it up.

Did a trial run with the horses last weekend and they loaded just fine. Flash took a bit more cajoling but once he realized this wasn’t the average sardine can we had had to load him in all went well. Especially as we let them hand graze each time they got in and out without fuss.

Sometimes we get caught up in our own little world and as we worked with the horses, I felt such gratitude that we have horses. That we have what we have. All the turmoil in the world right now, our lit bit of acreage is seemingly apart from it.

We know it isn’t though and we must treasure every moment that is ours to cherish.

The rain came and washed away the ashes of the fire, the dust from months of dry days, and soon everything will be green and blooming.

Today was a good day.

About Mathair ~ Inion ~ Sior

Mother, daughter, wife, horse rider, dog hugger, cat whipped, career minded, reading, game playing new blog writer.
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