Who, me? The Requisite About Page.

Ar Amarach = Gaelic for Our Tomorrow. See my motto in the top right corner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Like many others I am checking out the blogging experience to see if I am as interesting as I think I am. Seeing what other people who have no bias of love or hate have to say about what I have to say is a fabulous concept. In theory.

As someone who has varied interests (from horses to cars to history to mmorpgs and lotsa more) perhaps I can both learn from others opinions as I share my own.

Where am I coming from?  Here are the bare bones of all about me in one run on sentence:

Only child to a single mom, military brat, mother of two, divorcee and remarried, friends with the ex, trail rider, dog lover, cat controlled, reading whenever I can hide somewhere, pc game playing, hotel gm who loves her job, lost both parents, loves her family, jack of all trades master of none who loves milano cookies & hates putting away laundry.

As a note, the photo in the header of the amazingly beautiful sorrel cantering with a rider is my horse and I.

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